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Emad Aly Eldin Abdel Shafy El sherbiny Professor/أستاذ

Mobile :+20122 210 2093
Work Phone :+202 3776 5232
Home Phone :+202 3890 3470
Birth Date :21/02/1970
Fax :+202 3776 5233
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Qualifications :

B.Sc. (1992) "Architectural Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)

M.Sc. (1996) "Architecture & Urban Design" Cairo University (Egypt)

Ph.D. (2000) "Architecture & Urban Design" Cairo University (Egypt)

Fields of Interest :

Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture Conservation

Recent Publications :

2014 The Relation between Nano Building Materials and the LEED Aspects

2011 Human Action And Conservation Projects - Comparative Analysis For Two Conservation Projects - Pyramids Plateau At Giza & Sarabeet El-Khadem At Sinaii

2011 Urban Aspects for Environmeental impact Assesment Projects – Urban and Social Studies

2011 Users’ Behaviours and Activities Regarding Urban Spaces and the Designed Landscape

2010 An Urban Approach to Future Solid-Waste Treatment Facility - A closure Look At Wadi-Arrayheiat, Egypt

2009 New Concepts in the Eductional Evaluation tools – Selected Case Studies

2007 Sustainable Transportation And Conservation Projects In Historical Sites

2007 Integrated Approach For Conservation And Development - In Popular Heritage Architectural Sites - Upgrading And Community Development

2006 Virtual Environments And The Conservation Of Historic Urban Sites

2004 To a New Urban Planning for Egyptian Villages – Selected Projects

2004 Studies On Integrated Approach For Urban Conservation Projects – Fatimid Cairo

2004 Community Participation in Conservation & Rehabilitation Projects – El Darb El Ahmar

2004 Plantation Structure For Landscaping Settings - Towards An Appropriate Approach To Document Related Variables Of Sustainability

2003 Damascus Citadel and the Urban Surrounding – Heritage context – Urban Conservation Approach and Adaptive Reuse

2003 Landscaping as a Key Enrolment for Revitalizing Urban Settings

2003 Urban Environment Improvement As Key Approach To Conserve Fortunate Heritage With Special Reference To “El Gamalia” - Historical Cairo

2003 Urban Spaces as an Improvement to the Deteriorated Housing Areas

Recent Projects :

2013-2016 Participate as contact person for the Cairo University team joining the TEMPUS Project "Tuning Midle East and Africa (T-MEDA)"

Conferences :

2007 Urban Space Social Actions – Approach to Participation and Interaction

2005 University and community – Mutual Roles – Circulation and Trafic Problems in the Surrounding Areas

2001 The Role of the University in the Community Development for Urban Surrounding – Roles and Actions

Administrative Positions :

2012-2016 Director, Center for Architectural & Engineering Design Support (CAEDS) – Cairo University

2008-2011 Cultural Attachee In The Egyptian Cultural Bureau - Paris

Professional Activities :

2012-2016 Participate to some Higher Educatiuon Development Committees

2012-2015 Consultant for the Ministry of High Education – Missions Sector and Cultural Affairs

2006-2008 Consultant for the Ministry of High Education – Missions Sector and Cultural Affairs

2006-2008 Consultant for the Ministry of High Education – Education Sector

2005-2008 Consultant for the National Organization of Urban Harmony - Ministry of Culture

2005-2008 Participate to some Higher Educatiuon Development Committees

2005-2006 Consultant for the Ministry of High Education in the project “Courses and curriculum development for the Technical Colleges and Institutes”