Obuda University (OE) Visit

Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University (CUFE) has welcomed the representatives from Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Obuda University (OE), from Budapest, Hungary from 5th to 9th June 2023 at its main campus in Giza, Egypt. This visit aimed at introducing both universities to each other, in order to initiate international cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Emad ElSherbiny (CUFE Vice Dean), Prof. Dr. Ayman Hassan (Head of Architecture Dept.), and Dr. Tamer ElSerafi (RHCD Deputy Coordinator) have welcomed the Hungarian delegation from Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Obuda University, which included:


Dr. Fáczányi Zsuzsanna (Vice Dean for Research), Dr. Benárd Aurél (Head of the Dept. of the Built Environment), Dr. Vizi Gergely Norbert (Head of Dept. Construction Technology and Management), Mizsei Anett (Lecturer of Design), Dr. Szücs László (Director of the Institute of Civil Engineering), Dr. Dombay Gábor (Head of the Dept. Infrastructure Development), Mihók Barna (Lecturer of Structural Engineering) and Kissné Fekete Judit (Faculty International Coordinator).


Professors from both universities have presented the universities capabilities, degrees, and some courses. CUFE team has presented detailed information about their Double Master Program in Urban Design: Revitalization of Historic City Districts (RHCD), which is an example for a successful long term cooperation with Brandenburg Technical University-Cottbus, Germany. Prof. Dr. Nabil ElHady, Prof. Sahar Imam, Assoc. Prof. Aliaa AlSadaty, Arch. Hamdy ElSetouhy, Dr. Dalia AbouBakr, Dr. Nada Hazem, Dr. Sara Tarek, Dr. AbdelRahman Badawy, and Dr. Mohamed Noeman have all participated in the fruitful presentations.


After the introduction of the OE team about the faculty and main educational context, representatives opened an exhibition about the faculty. The lecturers from the two institutes presented the professional activity, as a first step to share professional experience for defining later research focus areas. 


Further discussions about the cooperation opportunities took place in Budapest by the end of June 2023. Prof. Dr. Anthony Gall (Dean of Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Obuda University) and the team from Obuda University have welcomed the team from CUFE at their premises in Budapest. Many discussions, meetings and presentations took place.


Moreover, the visits included fruitful discussions about initiating a solid cooperation between the two universities. A lot of mutual interests between the two partners in the fields of urban development, heritage conservation, urban mobility, climate change, urban mobility, sustainability, and building technology are found during the presentations and discussions. Those mutual interests and topics can be tackled through various activities. On a short term level, joint workshops, summer schools and exchange of professors can be organized. On a medium term level, exchange of students and joint publications can be done. Finally, on a long term level joint research projects can be discussed.


Urban Agriculture in Cairo's New Cities Workshop




PhD. Colloquium with BAUHAUS University

The workshop was a joined project of the German-Jordanian University in Amman, the Notre Dame University-Louaize in Beirut, the Bauhaus-University Weimar/Germany and the Cairo University. It was intending to foster an intellectual dialogue between students and scholars from all Middle East countries and Germany. The workshop was part of the exchange programme »Discovering cities« supported by the German Academic Exchange Association (DAAD).


Discovering Cities

Workshop in Amman with BAUHAUS University




Attaba Market

Sustainable Green Markets Project (SUS-MAR) aimed at developing a network of actors to lead the creation of a framework and an action plan which can be used to regenrate the 19th century markets with its current users and other stakeholders. The project focused on Attaba Market, a historic covered market built in Cairo, Egypt.