D.M. Introduction

Program Overview:

     This program was established based on the successful cooperation between the partner universities, with the focal on “urban design for the renewal, revitalization and rehabilitation of historic city districts”. The development of historic cities is until today one of the most important challenges for a sustainable urban development in Europe and in the MENA-Region (Middle-East North-Africa).

     A vivid inner city with a historic core is shaping the image and the identity of the city and initializing developments in the whole town. For the reason that the renewal of historic city districts is always an interdisciplinary task, it is a very good experience for other urban development challenges.

   The benefit of revitalization is never reduced just to the inhabitants and stakeholders of the certain quarter, but spreads to the whole society. The program includes 3 main scientific components:

1. Urban Rehabilitation. (BTU semester)

2. Urban Development (Cairo University semester)

3. Architecture in Historic Context. (Focus of Alex. University semester)

 Program Goal:

      The aim of the master program is to communicate urban rehabilitation and revitalization strategies and concepts for the different situations and challenges of historic city districts, especially of the cities and regions of the involved universities (Cairo University- Alexanderia University- Cottbus University in Germany (BTU).

 Program Nature & Structure:

       Participants in the Master Program pass one semester at each of the partner universities. The fourth semester is reserved for the master thesis, which is based on the content of at least one program relevant component. This and the university of the first supervising Professor can be chosen by the students. At the end of the two years, the student earns two MASTER certificates, one from Cairo or Alexanderia University and the other from Cottbus University.



 Career Prospects:

     The Master in “Urban Design Revitalization of Historic City Districts” is a postgraduate program for graduates who are interested to respond the urgent needs in Urban Design for the Revitalization of Historic City Districts. The alumni of the program are qualified for a professional career in all institutions, which are involved in design and management processes for historic cities. These are private architecture and urban planning offices, administrations and international agencies and institutions that conduct concerned programs.


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