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Asmaa Abdel Aty Professor/أستاذ

Home Page :

Qualifications :

B.Sc. (2002) "Architecture" Cairo University (Egypt)

M.Sc. (2004) "Urban Planning" Cairo University (Egypt)

Ph.D. (2008) "Urban planning and Urban Design" Cairo University (Egypt)

Fields of Interest :

Regional and urban Planning

Urban Design

Regeneration of Historic City Districts

Environmental Planning

Investments in New Cities

Recent Publications :

October 2016 Statistical Assessment for the Role of Neighborhood Facades in Social Satisfaction, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, with Prof Rowaida Kamel and Dr. Riam El Morshedy

March 2017 Land Value Capture as A New Sustainable Financing Mechanism for Public Transit Development in New Cities Borg El-Arab New City as a Case Study, 7th ArchCairo International Conference: Building Innovatively Interactive Cities: Horizons and Prospects

February, 2017 Feasibility Tools for Urban Animal Husbandry in Cities- Case of Greater Cairo, Journal of Urban Research and Practice, Joint with Sarah A. Elariane.

2016 Participatory Landscape: Better Scenario for Poor 3 Egyptian Urban Settings in Existing and New City Districts—Case of Monshaet Nasser and 6th October City, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, Volume 142, Issue 1, 0733-9488 ISSN (online): 1943-5444

2015 Participatory Landscape Design of New Cities in Egypt: Correlation Model of Related Variables, Case of 6th of October City

2013 Assessment for the Resort Development in Egypt

2013 Towards Enhancing Resort Development in Egypt Case Study: Premier Resorts in Sharm Elsheikh

2012 Assessment For International Organizations Role In Historical Districts Rehabilitation: Case Of Darb Alahmar

2012 Guidelines For Applying Budgeting As A Tool For Participatory Democracy In Egypt

2012 A Proposed Statistical Model For Real Estate Appraisal In Historical Mixed Use Maspiro District In Cairo

2012 A Decision Making Approach for Prioritizing Local Communities' Development Investments, Case Study: Damietta Governorate, Egypt

2011 Challenging Limitations for Achieving Decentralization in Terms of Participatory Planning in Developing Countries, Case Study: Egypt.

2011 Rating Sustainability For 18 Highways In Egypt

2010 Conceptual Approaches For The Rehabilitation Of The Old City And Integration With The City Extension, Case Study: Bab Al Farag Area, Aleppo, Syria.

2009 Statistical Assessment for the Urban SocioEconomic Form Characteristics of Districts: Digital Representation for the Benefits of Mixed Use Development.

Recent Books :

August, 2016 Mixed Use Development Index, Case Study: Cairo Region” (978-3-659-90918-4), LAMBERT Academic publishing.

2016 Dynamics and Resilience of Informal Areas: International Perspectives

Conferences :

2006 Third ArchCairo International Conference, "Appropriating Architecture & Urbanism in the Decades of Transformation", the Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University at Grand Hyatt.

2005 Second ArchCairo International Conference, on GLOBALIZATION AND BEYOND, the Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University at Grand Hyatt.

Administrative Positions :

Since 2012 Coordinator in the credit hour system program: Architecture Engineering and Technology (AET)

Since 2011 Coordinator in the Double Master Program: "Revitalization of Historic City Districts" with Cottbus University in Germany

Editor/Reviewer :

Since 2015 International Journal of Socio-economic Planning Sciences.

Since 2015 International Journal of Engineering and Applied Science.

Since 2010 International Journal of Urban Planning and Development.