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Tamer Nabil ElSerafi Associate Professor

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Room Number :3400
Birth Date :12/01/1987
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Qualifications :

B.Sc. (2008) "Architectural Engineering" Cairo University (Egypt)

M.Sc. (2012) "Architecture and Urban Design" Cairo University (Egypt)

Ph.D. (2017) "Architecture and Urban Design" Cairo University (Egypt)

Fields of Interest :

Urban Mobility

Urban Conservation and Rehabilitation

Urban Design

Recent Publications :

2023 Aboubakr, D., & Elserafi, T. (2023). City growth challenges as a dilemma between urban mobility and livability: A case study of heliopolis. Civil Engineering and Architecture, 11(4), 1795-1813. doi:10.13189/cea.2023.110411

2023 ElSerafi, T. (2023). Assessing streetscape development effects on walking and cycling in historic contexts: The case study of afrang district, port said, egypt. Open House International, doi:10.1108/OHI-02-2023-0024

2021 AlSadaty, A., ElKerdany, D., Hamza, N., Imam, S., ElSerafi, T. and Abdallah, M. (2021), "Socio-spatial regeneration challenges in Attaba historic market, Cairo – Egypt", Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences, Vol. 3 No. 3, pp. 217-236.

2020 Imam, S., Elkerdany, D., Hamza, N., Alsadaty, A., Elserafi, T., & Abdallah, M. (2020). Temporary uses and regeneration of historic contexts the case of attaba market, cairo. Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, 67(5), 981-999.

2019 Elserafi, T. (2019). Challenges for cycling and walking in new cities in egypt, experience of elsheikh zayed city. Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, 66(6), 703-725.

2018 ElSerafi, T. (2018). Guidelines For Sustainable Urban Mobility In Historic Districts From International Experiences. . International Journal of Architectural, Civil and Construction Sciences, 11.0(7).

2017 ElSerafi, T., ElKerdany, D., Shalaby, A., (2017). Challenges for Sustainable Urban Mobility in Zamalek District, Open House International, Vol.42, No.4, ISSN: 0168 - 2601, Gateshead, UK

2017 Hamza N., Elkerdany D.,Imam S.; Alsadaty A.; Elserafi T.and Pendlebury,J. (2017). Historic Markets In Contexts Of Value: The Case Of The Vegetable Market In Ataba, Cairo. International Journal Of Architectural International Journal Of Architectural Research: Archnet-IJAR

Recent Books :

2022 Hamza, N., Elkerdany, D., Imam, S., Alsadaty, A., & Elserafi, T. (2022). Pivoting hegemonies, urban grids, and socialities: Attaba market hall in khedive cairo, egypt. Architecture and urban transformation of historical markets: Cases from the middle east and north africa (pp. 15-30) doi:10.4324/9781003143208-3

2011 ElKerdany, D., S. Hawas, R. Kamel, F. Hassan, T. ElSerafi, A. Ghanem, and M. AbdelRaouf (2011). ArcheoUrb - Project of Qasr Muharib Fortress, Bahriya Oasis, ArcheoUrb, Clean Edizioni, Napoli, Italy

Recent Courses :

2017 ARCN105 Introduction to Building Construction and Technology

2017 ARC303 Execution Designs (1)

2017 ARC403 Execution Designs (3)

2017 ARC201 Architectural Design (3)

Administrative Positions :

2018 Vice Head, Quality Assurance Unit

2017 Program Coordinator 3 Architectural Engineering and Technology Program (AET)

2015 Deputy Coordinator, Double Master Program (Revitalization of Historic City Districts)

Membership in Scientific Societies :

2022 Associate Member, Society of Egyptian Architects - UIA Egyptian National Section

2010 Affiliated Member, Society of Egyptian Architects - UIA Egyptian National Section

2008 Architectural Engineer, Egyptian Engineering Syndicate